Musang King durian snowy skin mooncake (4 pieces per box) - Delivery start on 1st September 2019
*For ultimate durian lovers  *Halal Certified  *For Klang Valley order and delivery only

100% Original Malaysia Musang King durian flesh made, no essence, no preservative, no coloring!

包装内含有: 4 x 60克 猫山王榴莲冰皮月饼
1 x 猫榴莲高贵时尚礼盒
1 x 猫榴莲 漂亮包温袋

保鲜收藏(如未打开): 从制造日期12个月

储存条件: -18°C 冷冻保存

食用方法: 将冷冻产品摆放在冰箱4°C 至 11°C的冷风格里解冻20至30分钟(看个人喜欢的口感),即可享用

In the box : 4 x 60g Original Malaysia Musang King Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake
1 x Madurian Premium Elegant Gift Box
1 x Madurian Beautiful Design Cooler Bag

Expiry Period :12 Months from manufacturing date

Storage Method : Keep frozen -18°C

Edible Method: Defrost the snowy mooncake inside the refrigerator at 4°C - 11°C for 20-30 minutes (based on own taste) before consume

* UOB credit card customer can purchase Madurian Snowy          Mooncake with special offer RM96 / box (25% discount) 
UOB信用卡顾客可以享受优惠以RM96购买Madurian 冰皮月饼一盒 (25%折扣)

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